Our Story

My name is Matt Renna. I founded Renna Shoes in downtown Burlington in 2000 where I spent many years making custom fit one-off shoes and boots of all sorts of different styles for customers. Renna Shoes was renamed Queen City Dry Goods in 2011 as the company grew and we expanded into apparel, bags and accessories. The factory is now located in Williston, Vermont in the Champlain Valley.

Manufacturing is at the core of our identity. We are intimately involved in every phase of the making of our products at our vertically integrated factory. This allows us to be in complete control of the materials and process. You can be sure you are buying a product that was made in the USA.


Our Leathers

Field leather

Firm leather well suited for flat goods and any place where a stiffer leather is called for. This beautiful tannage has just the right amount of oil to give the leather a slight pull up appearance. The surface has multiple tones of color - highs and lows - that give it a deep richness.


Saddle leather

Milled to make it pliable and luxuriously soft. It has a slight texture. We utilize this leather for our women's items and anywhere that requires a soft feel with good drape.

Our Team

Group of 6 people sitting on a picnic table. A pond and a stand of trees are in the background.


Melissa, Matt, Brit, James, Mason, and Mike.