Hardwick x Beenanza 001 - Black

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The Hardwick - Beenanzified! Queen City's flagship sneaker model featuring signature vibrant prints and colors from Bethany Andrews-Nichols - the creative mind behind the vibrant world of Beenanza! Printed by Bethany in her South End studio and cut and sewn in the USA at our Vermont workshop, this sneaker combines the exciting style of Beenanza with the classic cut and craftsmanship of the Hardwick in a way that we could not be more thrilled about!

Every detail has been considered in our pursuit to create the finest sneaker on the market. Featuring a fully lined leather upper and a custom molded, breathable Ortholite footbed all on top of our proprietary, USA molded diamond outsole - this time enhanced by Bethany's amazing designs. Comfortably classic, the Beenanza Hardwick will quickly become your favorite sneaker.

  • Hand Printed Patterns courtesy of Beenanza
  • American Craftsmanship
  • Full Leather Upper
  • Custom USA Molded Soles
  • Breathable Ortholite Insoles
  • Buttery Soft Leather Lining
  • Two Pairs of Laces in White and Black
Sneaker Size Chart
Men's Size Our Size Women's Size 
3½-4 M4/W6 5½-6
4½-5 M5/W7 6½-7
5½-6 M6/W8 7½-8
6½-7 M7/W9 8½-9
7½-8 M8/W10 9½-10
8½-9 M9/W11 10½-11
9½-10 M10/W12 11½-12
10½-11 M11/W13 12½-13
11½-12 M12/W14 13½-14
12½-13 M13/W15 14½-15
13½-14 M14/W16 15½-16

Currently in production, orders will ship out mid December.