Elmore Hi - Turquoise Veg-Tan

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Slip into comfortable style with the Elmore Hi, Queen City's hi-top laceless sneaker. Crafted in the USA at our Vermont workshop, the Elmore pairs stylish lines with our custom sole to make a truly elegant pair of shoes.

This Turquoise Elmore balances the simple silhouette with an enchanting Italian Veg-Tan leather from the renowned Badallassi Tannery. Featuring a double-stitched unlined leather upper atop our custom made footbed, these shoes are as striking as they are well made.

  • American Craftsmanship
  • Unlined Premium Veg-Tan Leather Upper
  • Custom USA Molded Soles
  • Breathable Ortholite Insoles
Sneaker Size Chart
Men's Size Our Size Women's Size 
3½-4 M4/W6 5½-6
4½-5 M5/W7 6½-7
5½-6 M6/W8 7½-8
6½-7 M7/W9 8½-9
7½-8 M8/W10 9½-10
8½-9 M9/W11 10½-11
9½-10 M10/W12 11½-12
10½-11 M11/W13 12½-13
11½-12 M12/W14 13½-14
12½-13 M13/W15 14½-15
13½-14 M14/W16 15½-16